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There are fun and easy foods to make at Easter which can also be great teaching tools. One suggestion is to spread smooth peanut butter over a round cracker. Then place broken pretzels around the edge of the cracker to represent the crown of thorns placed on Jesus’ head during His trial.

Jewelry can be plain and simple or they can be elaborate. Corollary to this, jewelry can cost cheap or they can as well be priceless. Jewelry can be made up purely of precious metals or with a combination of exquisite gems and stones. The precious metals consist of pure gold, silver or otherwise known as white gold, and bronze. However, the jewelry can as well be merely gold, silver, or gold-plated, which are not pure precious metals.

Hinduism identifies horse shoes, swastiks, rudraksh, crystals, numeric and zodiac signs bracelets as lucky bracelets. Similarly we have Laughing Buddha, wind chimes, magic balls, etc among the Feng Shui charms. Other cultures also have their own lucky charms, like Buddhists have sacred tattoos with Buddhist images, called as ‘sak yant’ which is for spiritual protection. Muslims wear tawiz. But the question that constantly knocked at my heart was- do these lucky charms really work? If yes, how (Though i couldn’t ever believe it could be true)?